I didn't use and dump Amanda—Prince Bright

By: Delali Sika
Prince Bright
Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame
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Prince Bright, of music duo, Buk Bak fame has denied ever jilting radio and television personality, Amanda Jissih after using her and squandering her money.

He debunked the rumours that made the rounds when they broke up some years ago when he was a guest on the Delay Show on GhOne TV over recently.

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Describing all that stories that were flying around after they broke up as speculations, the Hiplife musician who is described as a ‘Lady’s Man’ explained he never did any of what he was accused of.

“I never took Amanda’s money or squandered her money like the news that was peddled out there.

“It is not true that I came to Ghana from abroad, spent her money, used her, dumped her and even went back to the USA without telling her. These are all lies”, Prince Bright told host of the programme, Deloris Frimpong-Manso aka Delay.

According to him, their relationship ended on a mutual note. “It just didn’t work, it didn’t get to where we wanted it to so we ended it amicably. There was an understanding to end it”, he added.

Prince Bright who is based in the US is currently in the country to promote his latest singles, Small Things and Pioto Photo.

Buk Bak initially comprised Prince Bright, Isaac Shoetan and Ronnie Coaches. They rapped in Ga, Twi, and Pidgin.

Along the line, Isaac Shoetan left the group leaving the two to handle the affairs. They churned out a good number of hit songs such as Gondar Barracks, Kommey Ke Kenna, I'm Going To Come, You For Know, Kelewele, Kolom, Chingiligi, Akwasi Broni among others.

Ronnie however died in 2013 and Prince Bright told Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently, he(Ronnie) can never be replaced by anyone.

According to Bright, although he had been contacted by a number of artistes who wanted to join him to continue the legacy of Buk Bak, his answer to them has been no because he wanted to give respect to Ronnie.

“Adding another artiste will mean forgetting about Ronnie and that will never happen. The only person I reached out to was Promzy who I thought I could do something with but since it didn’t work, nothing will make me consider any artiste again,” he said.

To Bright, the connection with Ronnie was so solid that nothing could break them apart in their 15-year partnership.

“Ronnie was a friend, a brother and everything that I had. There can never be anyone like him and I miss him,” he stated.