African Union Craft Bazaar and Fashion show ends

By: Ariel Awen
Patrons at an exhibition stand
Patrons at an exhibition stand
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The third edition of the African Union Craf ts Bazaar and Fashion Show held at the W.E.B Dubois Memorial Centre ended on Saturday, May 19.

The two-day event themed, “Sustaining Africa's authentic fashion and clothing” started on Friday, May 18 and it sought to highlight the emerging fashion industry in Ghana with exhibitions from renowned and new clothing companies.

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It saw around 40 exhibitors displaying various creations from African fabrics and local foods.

Among the exhibitors were brands such as Nallem Clothing, Selina Beb, J&J Professional shoes and bags and Barima Clothing.

It wasn’t just about the established brands, 250 final year students from the Fashion Department of the Accra Technical University got the chance to present their works at a fashion show held on Saturday.

The show was themed as a ‘Made in Ghana’ affair and it was done right as patrons got to see Ghanaian artefacts including sculptures, carvings, masks and beads on display.

Some of the exhibitors who spoke to Showbiz said it was a good platform to display and market their products to the world.

In an interview, the CEO of Nallem Clothing, Gregory A. Kankoh,said his company was happy to be part of the event.

He said it was also a good opportunity to scout for human resource since the show always involved final year fashion students.

“This is a good forum to support one another in the fashion industry and to reach out to our customers and potential
customers. In countries like South Africa and Nigeria, they have a very good business forum online to market goods and I’m
hopeful Ghana will get there too,” he said.

Yaw Barima Agyapong Addo, creative director of Barima Shoes said players face a lot of challenges but such events promote
networking and it goes a long way to push their prospects.

The Deputy Director at the W.E.B Dubois Centre, Akofa Dokosi, said the purpose of the event was to promote African fashion and clothing and textile industry.

Similarly, she added, the programme aims at creating a platform for young fashion and design students to showcase their
creative designs to the world.

“There was a lot of creativity on the runway and that is what this event offers young talents,” she added.

The African Union Craft Bazaar and Fashion Show was a collaboration between the Dubois Centre and the Department of
Fashion, Design and Textiles at the Accra Technical University to commemorate the African Union Day tomorrow.