Patapaa tours Europe; shoots '75 videos' with Adebayor's cash

By: Zadok K. Gyesi

One corner hitmaker Patapaa, now known as Patapizzy has paid tribute to football star and Togolese national Emmanuel Adebayor for sponsoring him to shoot a music video in Austria.

According to Patapaa, comedian Funny Face who has helped to rename him 'Patapizzy' connected him to Adebayor.

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In a Facebook live video Sunday evening, filmed in Austria, Patapaa said he was currently on a European tour courtesy of his latest sponsor.

“I dey Austria, from France to Austria from Austria to UK from UK to Germany,” he happily said in the video, thanking Funny Face and Adebayor in the video several times for their support.

“Patapaa to the world, Funny Face to the world, Adebayor to the world,” he said.

He said the music video is “coming live” and that he is going to shoot about 75 videos.

The ‘Olale’ composer teasingly said it pains people that he is going to shoot about 75 videos, using one of his popular slogans “mo bɛtse mo doi wƆ air” to mock such people.

According to the Swedru based highlife artiste, now when ladies see him, they shout “Patapizzy, Patapizzy, Patapizzy”.

He believes that currently there is no artiste in Ghana who can be compared to him except God, noting that God lifts those who humble themselves and punishes those who lift themselves up.

Watch the video below

People have enough people pushing them down, pointing out their faults. Why don’t you be the one to push them up, to see the best in them by speaking faith into them, not telling them what they are, but by telling them what they can become. Stay positive and always let Love LEAD.
#holidaysinfrance — with Justice Patapaa Amoah in Argenteuil, France.

Words can be very powerful. Why not use them to lift someone up today rather than knock them down. God Bless all my fans..
#pa2pamovement — at Vienna, Volksgarten.


At Paris Aéroport - Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

At Paris Aéroport - Charles de Gaulle (CDG).