Actress Lydia Forson says she is no man-hater

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Lydia Forson not man hater
Lydia Forson is a sucker for equal rights

AS an only girl growing up with her brothers, actress Lydia Forson appreciated the equal treatment she received from her parents. 

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Thus she imbibed the equal rights mantra at an early stage but her views would change when she stepped into a bigger world.

In a bid to change the narrative that she wasn’t comfortable with, the Perfect Picture actress started an advocacy to demand equal rights for people. But her intentions may not have gone down well with critics who have tagged her as a man hater but Lydia Forson  has refused to accept such a label.

While speaking to Graphic Showbiz about her recent Best Actress in a Comedy win at the Golden Movie Awards on Tuesday, the actress admitted that it is frustrating to be seen in such light.

“Definitely not, I can’t be a man hater. I have a father and lovely brothers who have been part of my life and so I have no business hating men. What will be my motive for taking such a step? The truth is that people are just misinterpreting what I believe in because they think it is a campaign against men.

“I will champion equal rights for men if they were in the position women find themselves today and were being marginalised. I accept as true that men and women are the not the same but they must be treated equally despite the differences. That has been my stance but not a hate campaign against men,” Lydia Forson said.

Feminism has become a major talking point lately with some very confusing positions but Lydia argues that being “for women” doesn’t mean to be ”against men”.

“I’m not even a feminist and I don’t regard myself as one because that has never been my focus. My only crime is that I have been bold to speak up on many things that others ignore and it is not because I want to be heard.

“I talk about these things and stand by them despite the bashing because I live by the saying, ‘He who sees any act of damage and doesn’t say anything, is more than the offender’,” she added.

Lydia Forson told Graphic Showbiz she’s happy about her leading role as a human rights lawyer in a new upcoming TV series, Puzzled since she gets to live a life she lives on screen.

A graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Information Studies, Lydia Forson’s career started when she participated in the The Next Movie Star in 2007. Before that she had some roles in the movies, Hotel St. James (2005) and Run Baby Run (2006).

Lydia Forson got her big break with Sparrow Production’s Scorned and Perfect Picture which earned her the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2010.

Since then, Lydia has featured in a number of movies including Phone Swap, A Sting in a Tale, Masquerades, Letter From Adam and the latest production, Side Chic Gang.

She expressed excitement about her win at this year’s Golden Movie Awards. “I made history as the only actress to win the Best Actress in a Comedy twice at the Golden Movie Awards this year. The first was with A letter from Adam in 2015 and that goes to show I’m still appreciated,” she stated.