Gloria Sarfo challenges suitors to be bold

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Gloria Sarfo
Actress Gloria Sarfo

ONE of the things that eats at actress Gloria Sarfo, is the way female celebs are trolled on social media just because they are not married.

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To Gloria Osei Sarfo, most women in showbiz are still single because of the wrong perception people have of them and has challenged potential suitors to be bold and propose to them.

Talking to Showbiz on Tuesday, Gloria Sarfo said it is unfortunate that female celebs have to pay such a price for following their passion and earning a living out of it.

“It is a very worrying issue that we have to pay a price for doing what makes us happy and puts food on our table. I don’t know for others but I don’t think that I will turn down a marriage proposal when it comes along.

“See, I think the men must know that we are not gods but humans who have flesh and blood just like other women out there, we also desire responsible men.

"They just have to be bold and approach us and then they will get to know we are not, high maintenace, full of ourselves and disrespectful as people mostly portray us to be,” Gloria Sarfo said.

According to Gloria Sarfo who plays Nana Ama in Efiewura, the long running TV series contrary to what people want to believe that they have men falling over themselves to ask for their hand in marriage, they are mostly victims of bad relationships because they are judged wrongly.

“Hmmm, when I tell my love story now, people will feel sorry for me but that is life. When the unfortunate happens, you just have to pull all your strength together and move on.

“ There have been times families have even rejected me because I’m an actress and in the limelight. Sometimes, you are even judged for the roles you play in movies.

“But how can you survive, take care of the family and the many dependents when you don’t work? This is what we do to survive and yet we are always crucified for being all over the place,” she stated.

The Friday Night actress who is currently in a “promising relationship” said she has also learnt a lesson not to live her love life on social media as it turned out to be a ‘curse’ in her previous relationship.

“You have no idea the number of people who praise you yet will not hesitate a second to laugh at your misfortune when the relationship fails. All they want is to see your relationship crash and that empowers them to say negative things.

“Maybe, it is time we also lived our lives outside social media and in the public eyes, I strongly believe it will do us a great deal of good,” she stated.

Away from her love life, Gloria Sarfo who is also a TV presenter and voice over artist, talked about many issues including her acting career. She lamented about the poor state of the movie industry which is putting many actors out of job.

As one of the strong critics of the influx of telenovelas on our screens, Gloria Safo betrayed her cause when she accepted the offer to host a discussion of a telenovela on Angel TV but she confessed to Showbiz it was a good offer she couldn’t turn down.

“It was a very good deal, I couldn’t turn down the juicy offer. Besides, the movie scene is dull now and these are ways we make extra money to stay alive,” Gloria Sarfo said with laughter.

Some of the movies Gloria Sarfo has featured in are The Most Beautiful Hour, Friday Night, My Mother’s Heart, Frema, Most Wanted Girls, Makochem and Odansefuo Ne Wan.