Jennifer Aniston: Social media could have an age limit

Jennifer Aniston talks age limit on social media
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston thinks social media could benefit from having an age limit.

The 'Morning Show' star has lamented over the obsession with smartphones and social media nowadays and wouldn't think it was too crazy for their to be some sort of restriction on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, like there is for drinking or for driving.

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Speaking about the success of 'Friends', Jennifer Aniston said: ''It's a phenomenon that I am amazed by. To have a whole new generation of children adoring the show as much as they did back in the day when it was airing for the first time is incredible.

"I want to know what people love so much about it, because there wasn't any of this.

"Now most people's consumption is the phone screen, which I'm very conflicted about. If you can't drive until you're 16 and you can't drink until you're 21, why should you be allowed to have social media?

"Like to have a distraction that prevents you from learning to connect with people?''

And the 50-year-old actress hates the ''compare and despair'' element of social media.

Asked if Jennifer Aniston thinks there should be an age limit for social media, she shared to Variety magazine: ''I don't know. I don't have kids. I just know that I'm watching my girlfriends' children and they're all struggling because of social media.

"Do you know that mental health has gone through the roof? And primarily what they've discovered, it's because of social media. It's compare and despair, over and over again.

'Do they like me? Do they not like me? Am I good enough? It's hard enough as it is being a kid without the damn 'likes' or 'not likes'.

''I wish they would remove the 'like'. Why do they need them? Why do we need a comments section, where these trolls with no lives try to be hurtful?'', Jennifer Aniston added.