I left Menzgold over threats to my family - George Quaye

By: myjoyonline.com
George Quaye left Menzgold over threats
George Quaye

FORMER Public Relations Officer of Menzgold, George Quaye, has disclosed his reason for leaving the defunct gold dealership firm.

In an interview on Drive Time on Joy FM on Monday, George Quaye revealed that several threats against his family from customers made him leave the company.

Mr Quaye explained that he would not have been bothered had he been alone and faced those threats from customers.

“Although in the midst of the controversy was when they needed me most it is a stretch when what you want to do is beginning to affect the lives of people that are dear to you,” he added.

He told host of the show Sammy Forson that he could not afford to put his family through such threats and not have the assurance they would be safe.

George Quaye, who was then a spokesperson for events company Charterhouse, resigned to join Menzgold in September 2018, to handle communications. But he resigned after only a month.

He’s back working at Charterhouse.

When asked what made his former employees take him back, he stated, “If I were that replaceable that would have meant my years at Charterhouse are for nothing.”

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