I don’t do one-night stand—Sandra Ankobiah

By: Delali Sika
Sandra Ankobia
Sandra Ankobia wears many hats
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CALL her the lady with many hats. She is among others a TV personality, a fashion critic, a model, an actress, a lecturer and a lawyer involved in several activities but one thing Sandra Ankobia won't be caught doing is a one-night stand.

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Sandra Ankobia revealed this in an interview with Andrew Adote on Tonight With Andrew on Joy Prime recently when she was asked which fictional male character in a book or movie would she love to spend a night with and she immediately jumped in saying " I don't do one night stands."

The beautiful lawyer was on the show to talk about her lifestyle, work, relationship and the future. 

Asked if she were in love, Sandra who didn't want to give much away where her love life is concerned just said  “I am in a beautiful place right now. I am happy".

Sandra Ankobia however gave an idea of the kind of man she would love to be with saying "he should be able to take care of himself, me and the family but the most important thing for me is a man who is compassionate. I like to laugh so he should be funny and we should connect at some level", she added.

Touching on her year break from social media, Sandra who is also PRO for FIDA Ghana (International Federation of Women Lawyers) said " the reason why started posting other pictures apart from the swimsuit and beach stuff is that I wanted to change the narrative, direct the narrative.

"I was being portrayed in a way I wanted to and that was my fault. The media would feed on what I give them and put a spin on it. I was giving them the fodder so I decided to to change that. I wanted a balance".

When her attention was drawn to the fact that her social media page has now become 'boring' without her fun trips pictures, Sandra Ankobia said " I know. My friends also think they are boring with some even asking if I am running for office but I like the balance I have now", she added.

Sandra Ankobia who is behind Women's Institute studied International and Commercial Law, specialising in World Trade, from the University of Buckingham (LLB, LLM) between 2005 and 2009. She returned to Ghana and studied at the Ghana School of Law from 2010 to 2012. In 2013 she became a Barrister at Law.

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