'Fiesta TV' is now in 48 African countries

By: Delali Sika
Jay Foley of 'Fiesta TV'
'Fiesta TV's Jay Foley

Barely four months after Fiesta TV was rebranded and launched in Ghana under the leadership of radio and TV personality Jay Foley and event company Omnis2131, it can now be accessed in 48 African countries.

‘‘Being the only channel from Ghana having the electronic guide system, I am happy to say that Fiesta TV can now be viewed in 48 African countries which offers millions of people the chance to see what we have in terms of content and news so far as the music industry is concerned", head of Fiesta Channel, Jay Foley said in a brief press meeting on Tuesday, December 4.

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He also revealed by shifting its iconic Ghanaian dynamic music video content and youth brand to the rest of Africa, Fiesta TV is geared ‘‘towards achieving a worldwide audience scale’’.

 Some of the 48 countries that Fiesta TV can be accessed include Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Gambia and Chad.

In an interview with Showbiz, Jay Foley who couldn’t hide his excitement said this is a big deal for Ghana’s music industry.

“See we are excited, this means that the people in these African countries will see our works, will hear of us, and will see what we are made of and capable of. We now have a platform to sell ourselves and the industry.

“This achievement is for everyone, you, me, the musicians, the video directors, the fans, the stakeholders, everyone. I am really excited about this.”

Fiesta TV functions as the premiere destination for music fans, features music videos of the best contemporary African and European music hits.

This means that with the High Definition video content to be churned out, Fiesta TV will be in the leagues of Trace, MTV Base and the likes.

Jay Foley therefore urged all music video players (directors, artistes and many more) to meet demands of the channel by creating out High Definition (HD) music videos and content to sell Ghana and their brands as well.

“We have to celebrate our achievement but as we do that, let us caution ourselves about the kind of contents we bring out, Africa is watching and what we sell is what they will buy", he added.