Citi TV to premiere telenovela ‘Avenida Brasil’


Citi TV, will from tomorrow December 5, 2018 give its viewers a refreshing viewing experience.

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The station will start airing award-winning television series Avenida Brasil (Brazil Avenue).

The series will show at 10pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

This is part of Citi TV’s programming to satisfy the interest of movie lovers who yearn for spellbinding storylines and quality production.

‘Brazil Avenue’ was a Brazilian primetime telenovela created by João Emanuel Carneiro in collaboration with Antonio Silver, Luciana Pessanha, Alessandro Marson, Marcia Prates and Thereza Falcão and direction of Gustavo Fernandez, Thiago Teitelroit Paul Silvestrini, Andrew Hall and Joan Jabace and directed by José Luiz Villamarim and Amora Mautner and the core direction, Ricardo Waddington.

The telenovela starrs Débora Falabella, Adriana Esteves, Murilo Benício, Cauã Reymond, Marcello Novaes and Eliane Giardini.

 In 2013, Avenida Brasil obtained one nomination to the 41st International Emmy Awards in the Best Telenovela category.

Citi TV, since its inception in June this year, has served viewers with innovative programmes like Citi Scape, Point of View, Saturday Live, Hall of Fame, Face to Face and Press Conference.

Others are Art and Soul, Sister Sister, Backpage, Score Card, Tracker and Good Buy.

A regular day on Citi TV starts with the Breakfast Daily which highlights issues bothering on the development of society.

There are also news programmes: the 20/20 News, News Connect, News Focus and Citi Newsroom which is the major news bulletin.