Wendy Shay will go places – Bullet

By: Delali Sika
Bullet on Wendy Shay

She was signed onto Rufftown Records before the death of Ebony but when Wendy Shay was touted as the replacement for the late Maame Hwe hitmaker, music lovers were not happy and she received quite some bashing.

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However, those who thought she would have a career like Ebony may be on to something as with the release of just one single, Wendy Shay has been trending.

It’s been close to a month since she released Uber Driver, which talks about how men love to watch women with big backsides and how it can land them in trouble.

The video, in which she showed off her ample assets became a hit and even trended at Number One on YouTube for some time.

The way she has taken off has surprised even her manager, Bullet who although had high hopes her did not expect her to explode like she did and he took to social media to express his excitement.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz recently, Bullet said Wendy Shay will go places.

“It’s a good thing that she has been received with so much love, Wendy is a good artiste and I have no doubt that she will go far, she will go places. She has what it takes and we will get there,” he said.

Talking about the controversies about the way he plays on words, he answered, “you know, it is my style and if it is something you do, you do not struggle with it, it comes naturally and that has been it for me.”

On what the label is doing to make their signees household names, Bullet said, “work is going on, we are not pausing, we are grinding. You know to do music, it needs dedication, commitment and hard work and that is what we are working on and all will manifest in due time.”

Real name, Wendy Addo, Wendy Shay lives in Stuttgart, Germany. She speaks Deutsche, English and French.