We are also God’s children—Nyevile to gospel musicians

By: Kofi Duah
HIpHop artiste, Nyevile
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NEW HipHop artiste, Maryann Adjei aka Nyevile has asked Gospel musicians to stop discriminating against secular artistes when it comes to collaborations.

Nyevile believes most Gospel musicians refuse to work with their secular colleagues because they(Gospel musicians) think they are outside their fold and not spiritual enough.

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“We do the same job which is singing and it beats my mind why some Gospel musicians are uncomfortable to feature secular musicians on their works and also turn down invitations from secular musicians to work together.

“It is therefore refreshing to know a few do not toe that line. I respect the likes of Gifty Osei who featured Dade Opanka and Josh Laryea who worked with Samini and Kwabena Kwabena on their songs,” she said.

Nyevile accepts that while one has to be mindful of the brand one associates with, refusing to work with an artiste just beacuse he or she doesn’t do Gospel music must be looked at again.

To her, if a secular musician has a good brand devoid of bad controversy, it should be alright for Gospel artistes to work with them and she looks forward to working with SP Kofi Sarpong, Obaapa Christy and Patience Nyarko.

Nyevile is currently promoting her new single, No Boyfriend No Problem. On the song recorded by Cash 2 in Haatso, Nyeile advises young ladies not to rush into relationships but rather focus onempowering themselves.

She told Showbiz that her latest song is based on a true life story. an experience which almost sent her toan early grave after she was jilted by her boyfriend.

“This guy almost ended my life because I put all my trust in him and looked out for him at my expense. At the end of the day, I was the loser because I didn’t invest in myself and it took a big toll on me,” she stated.

The experience, she narrated, has emboldened her to reach out to others and she feels music is the best medium to convey her feelings and message.

“I have been there before and I know what I am talking about. No boyfriend, no problem, and you will go places because the words in it are beneficial to any young girl who wants to make it,” she said.