Tragedy inspires Abigail Coleman’s new songs

By: Kofi Duah
Abigail Coleman
Gospel musician Abigail Coleman
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MUSICIANS get inspiration from various sources; sometimes from their loved ones’ experiences and even what happens in their own lives and for Gospel musician, Abigail Coleman, the tragedies she has suffered inspired her two new singles, Tumi and Mekra.

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As a newly married woman, Abigail Coleman had looked forward to the joy of having babies but it was not to be as she suffered two miscarriages and two still births which put her in despair and nearly made her give up.

Thankfully, God came through for her and in interview with Showbiz said she believes her story will impact society hence her decision to sing about them.

“I know a lot of women are going through similar situations and it is my wish that such people have hope and trust in the Lord after listening to my songs,” she said.

On Tumi, recorded at Big Praise Studios, Abigail Coleman shares how she wept for several weeks and even considered committing suicide in her most trying moments. She said she lost hope but God proved to her that He is still doing miracles.

Mekra, a praise song which was recorded by Francis Kwaku Osei at Grove House Studios, is a call on Christians to worship God wholeheartedly and in his own time, he will answer their prayers.

Abigail told Showbiz she has plans to release an album by the end of the year. “Although I am currently promoting these two singles, I am working on a complete album which should be ready by the end of the year,” she said.

Asked whether she would like to feature any secular musician on her upcoming album, Abigail Coleman said that will never happen.

“I can never feature any secular artiste if even the lyrics are clean. Some other gospel musicians will do it but not me,” she said.

Abigail Coleman lives in Canada with her family and leads worship in an Apostolic Church. She has been involved in worship ministry since she was a child.

Her music journey took off when she met Kiki Banson about 13 years ago. He believed in her abilities especially as a songwriter and encouraged her to do so.

She bought into his belief in her and contributed to some of the songs which were included on Becca's first album.

Abigail said after working on that album with Kiki, she had a deep revelation which turned her life around and she felt the call to minister through singing, hence her choosing Gospel music.