Too much attack in Gospel songs—Abena Serwaa Ophelia

By: Blessing Opoku
Abena Serwaa Ophelia talks about attacks in gospel music
Gospel musician, Abena Serwaa Ophelia
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GOSPEL music enthusiasts have expressed concern lately about the songs some of their artistes have been releasing and Gospel musician, Abena Serwaa Ophelia shares their sentiments.

According to Abena Serwaa Ophelia, unlike in previous years, when Gospel songs edified the spirit, inspired and even brought people to God, the songs these days are full of insinuations and accusations which are not helping the industry grow.

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“The condemnation and insinuation in Gospel songs are just bad. When we say it, the only thing we hear is that the world is evolving so we should keep up.

"Although people enjoy listening to them, I think we should focus on the other side.

“Sometimes, I sit down and wonder what we seek to project as Gospel musicians. It feels like Gospel music is not based on the Word of God anymore.

“A Gospel musician will just sit down and do music with the aim of making a hit ignoring the fact that the purpose of making these songs is to give reverence to God,” she told Showbiz.

Abena Serwaa Ophelia went on to say, it was time for Gospel musicians to go back to propagating the Word of God and focus on transforming lives.

“Comparing Gospel songs from the past to recent ones, there is a vast difference. Gospel songs in previous years helped in spreading the Word of God and that made a lot of impact in people’s lives.

“These songs healed the sick, gave comfort to the depressed among others. These are the songs we want to hear. It is high time we looked at how to continue the legacy of our predecessors,” she said.

The Ma Dabo Shi singer urged up and coming Gospel artistes to be determined and learn from their predecessors in the ministry.

“The road is not easy but with determination and hard work, it is easy to be successful. Where they are, we have been there, so they should look up to us so they will know how to focus on the positives in the industry,” she said.

Known for songs such as Ebenezer, Tumi Wura, Mekamafo and Nnaase Afore, Abena Serwaa Ophelia is currently working on an album as part of her 20th anniversary in the music industry.