Suzzy of Suzzy and Matt fame to launch solo album

By: Kofi Duah
Suzzy is out with a solo album, 'Ema Ma Ni Nwu'

BACK in the day, Suzzy and Matt were part of the top groups on the Gospel scene with songs like Mmrane, Yehowa, Kyere Me, Oma Ne Nsa So, Ye Hyira Wo among others.

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After marriage in 2008 and children, the two have been on what seems like an extended break from the music industry. But now, Suzzy is making a solo return to the scene with an album called Ema Ma Ni Nwu.

Songs on the album, which was recorded by Nacee are King Of Glory, Obe Gye Wo, Asafo Yehowa, Oreba, Hena Mpo, You Can Be The Best and Ode Bema Me.

According to Suzzy, who is now Mrs Okyere, she and her partner, Matt are still together despite her solo outing.

“My partner Matt is doing fine but is very busy at the moment so I had to release this album alone. We are still together and by next year we should drop an album,” she told Showbiz recently.

Ema Ma Ni Nwu will be launched on Sunday, August 26, at the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministry at Kotobabi, Accra.

Artistes expected to show support include Tagoe Sisters, Willie and Mike and Rose Adjei. She said she hoped to impress her fans with her show.

“It’s been a long time since I performed for my fans in Ghana and this album launch will give me the opportunity to perform some of our old tracks to them.”

Although she has been away for a while, Suzzy’s talent is still there and and she brings her strong vocals to bear on the songs.

On Hena Mpo, Suzzy praises God saying no one can be compared to Him because He has no competitor. She assures that God will always protect His children and anyone who trusts in Him will never be let down.

She sings on Ema Ma Ni Nwu that she continues to hold her head high in everything she does trusting that God will come to her aid.

Suzzy hopes that the album will make a strong showing because it contains very powerful songs.

“I have been in the music business for close to three decades and I know the kind of music Ghanaians wants to hear. I know the album will blow in no time,” she stated.