Marion Suge Knight eligible for parole in 2037

Suge Knight
Former rap mogul, Suge Knight

Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was transferred to Wasco State Prison earlier this week.

According to the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation website, the former Death Row Records CEO was admitted into the facility on Tuesday (October 23).

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Inmate records show the 53-year-old is eligible for parole in October 2037. He would be 73 at the time of his release if granted parole.

Knight was sentenced to 28 years in prison last month for the hit-and-run death of Terry Carter during the 2015 filming of Straight Outta Compton.

Knight pleaded copped to one count of voluntary manslaughter and also admitted he used his vehicle as a deadly weapon.

The plea deal calls for the former Death Row Records exec to serve 22 years in prison on the voluntary manslaughter count, five years because it is a third strike violation and one year for deadly weapon allegations, PEOPLE confirms.

By entering his plea, Knight resolves two other pending criminal cases: Knight was indicted for making criminal threats in August 2014 and he was charged for allegedly stealing a camera from a woman in September 2014.

Knight, who was arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run in January 2015, and his 16th appointed attorney, Albert DeBlanc, first contacted the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office about a possible plea deal, according to Terry’s widow Lillian Carter as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The plea came just days before jury selection was scheduled to begin in the long-delayed case that was to start on October 1. Knight originally faced life without the possibility of parole if convicted.