Successive govts have failed Ghanaians – Sly Collins

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
 Successive govts have failed Ghanaians – Sly Collins
Obiba Sly Collins

VETERAN Highlife musician Obiba Sly Collins has bashed successive governments for failing Ghanaians.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz recently Sly Collins said he was disappointed in successive governments for refusing to continue projects of their predecessors.

“Politicians should shed their party colours and come together to build the nation. They shouldn’t leave projects left by other politicians to rot, as they rot, they are rotting for Ghana. Are they being patriotic? Who will come and complete those projects for them as they lie in the bush?

“During Kwame Nkrumah’s tenure, there was nothing like I am an Ashanti, a Ga, an Ewe but now the politicians are making it look like there is no unity among Ghanaians. If you are an intelligent person and you are not rich, nobody will listen to you, that is totally wrong,” he said.

Sly Collins shares these sentiments and more on his latest single titled Mabre which is off an upcoming 18-track album to be released next year. It features Agbeshie and was written and produced by Sly Collins himself.

According to Sly Collins, the song is receiving appreciable airplay on radio stations nationwide.

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“It chronicles what is happening in the system. We are tired of deceit – religious deceit, political deceit and discrimination.I urge the youth to believe in God no matter what hardship they are going through.

“Never dream of doing any evil thing and God will definitely uplift you in His own time. Whatever you are doing, think Ghana first, it is very important to be patriotic,” he stated.

Sly Collins, who is also the CEO of Obiba Foundation has taken about 247 street children off the streets and put them into schools.

He had some advice for the youth. “The world is changing but don’t forget your roots, most of the young Highlife musicians have turned to Afrobeats but Highlife is an original genre from Ghana so stick to it,” he said.

Sly Collins has been in the music industry for four decades and has seven albums to his credit. These are Don’t Forget Your Culture, Don’t Hide The Truth, Total Unity, Voice of Reason, Odo Fantastic, Ghana Loves Peace and Yemboa Ghana.