Stop pushing Hiplife artistes into retirement -TiC

By: Kofi Duah
TiC Hiplife artistes retirement
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IF there is one practice in the music industry that Hiplife musician, TiC, wants to see disappear, it is the penchant of DJs and other players in the industry to retire musicians, especially those in the Hiplife genre, early.

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While veteran Highlife musicians like Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, A.B Crentsil, Amandzeba, Gyedu Blay Ambolley among others still enjoy relevance even though its been years since some of them dropped any new songs, it seems Hiplife artistes are judged a bit harshly and are forced into early retirement when they don’t have new songs.

According to TiC, too much importance has been placed on highlife, which is not really the best. “I am not saying highlife songs are bad but why is it difficult for a hiplife artiste to bounce back after a long break?” he asked.

He said apart from some notable names like VVIP, Obrafour and himself, it is difficult for a hiplife artiste to survive when they leave the scene for a while.

“You will easily be told you are not relevant if you don’t have a hit song at the moment but Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba or Kojo Antwi don’t need a hit song to stay relevant,” he said.

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He disclosed that the situation is making some hiplife artistes lose interest in returning to music because they believe it will be difficult to get the exposure.

Using himself as an example, TiC, who has been in the music business for around two decades said it was not easy for him when he returned to the scene.

“ I had to push and even feature some of the trending artistes before I got the recognition I had, it is sad but that is the situation," he revealed.

Tic said it hurts him that he and his some of colleagues have been forgotten so easily considering the impact they made some years ago.

“Some of us took hiplife music to its highest level but now when you talk it is as if you haven’t done anything. It makes me weep sometimes but all is not lost,” he added.

Known for songs like Kwani Kwani, Philomena, Kangaroo, Bosoe, Fefe Nefe just to mention a few, TiC is ready for his I am TiC concert scheduled for Friday, December 21 at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

He said he intends to make the show an annual event. “ I am hoping to make the I Am TiC concert an annual one and tell my story and give the chance to underground artistes to explore their talents,” he said.