Stop showing off on social media—Deaconess Mary

By: Delali Sika
Deaconess Mary Sekyere
Deaconess Mary Sekyere

GOSPEL musician, Deaconess Mary Nana Sekyere has called on colleague Gospel artistes to  stop flaunting their wealth on social media.

Instead, she says they should use their social media accounts to spread the word of God.

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For Deaconess Mary, there are lots of people who need help, so instead of telling the world the number of cars and houses they have on social media, her colleagues should go to the aid of the vulnerable and underprivileged.

“For me, I do not have a problem with my colleagues having social media accounts, honestly, it is a good thing.

"This is because it also serves as an avenue where the good news of God will be preached but that is not what I am seeing or I have seen since I joined the industry professionally in 2007.

“Instead of us sharing the Word as Gospel artistes, we are posing in our cars, houses and flaunting it on social media when there are people out there who are lacking.

"My question is, if you have enough to show off to the world, why don’t you channel that into helping a poor kid get better education or medical care?” she quizzed.

Though she wouldn’t mention names, Deaconess Mary Nana Sekyere also noted that most of the people who often do that don’t even own the cars and houses they flaunt.

“The interesting part of the whole thing is that, these musicians who do that do not even have the means to afford the things they flaunt. Some are borrowed cars or hired cars; others do it in other people’s homes.

“See, you can go on the pages of some of the Gospel artistes and you will not even see one quotation from the Bible, even those who quote the Bible do that under pictures of what they are flaunting and I ask who they think they are deceiving.

Deaconess Mary said she is not worried about stepping on people’s toes because the truth must be said.

“I am not bothered at all, yes we live in a time and era that people are scared to say some things but for me, I will address it if need be. Someone has to speak and that is what I am doing.

“Social media is putting too much pressure on people to engage in things that are not good and that has to come to an end, people, gospel artistes should know better and not add to the pressure,” she said.

Deaconess Mary continued, “someone will defend that gospel artistes are human, yes they are but the bible says we have the right to everything but is it not everything that is good for us.”

As someone who has seen the power of prayers lift up her music career, she advised that her colleagues should not joke with their prayer life.

“The kind of work we do is not something that should let us sleep; we need to be prayerful because what we are fighting against is not in the flesh but the spirit.

“I remember when I began music, I almost gave up but I held on and today, I have three albums to my credit. It is only God who knows the battles I had to go through on my knees to get to where I am today.”

Deaconess Mary Nana Sekyere is married with two children and has songs like Nhyira, Won a Wotwen Awurade, Onyame Wo Mu, Okum Yen Nanaso Yennwu and Mephibosheth to her credit.