Social media trolls made me depressed - Pappy Kojo

Pappy Kojo depression from social media trolls
Pappy Kojo
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Rapper, Pappy Kojo, has revealed the negative impact social media had on him after the 2016 edition of the Ghana Music Awards. According to the rapper, his inability to win any of the four nominations he received got him depressed.

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Pappy Kojo was nominated for ‘Hip-life/Hip-hop Artiste of The Year’, ‘Best Collaboration of the Year’, ‘Best Rapper of the Year’, and ‘Hip-Hop Song of the Year’.

He revealed that even though he had tough skin, the numerous criticisms and trolling on social media overpowered him, causing his hiatus from the music scene.

That unfortunate incident, Pappy Kojo added, nearly turned him into a chain smoker.

“When I got nominated (sic) three times and I didn’t win, I couldn’t handle it. I have always been a troll on Twitter but karma happened. I was going through depression. It was very bad. I wouldn’t go out and won’t go to shows. I was always indoors in Italy. I was smoking a lot,” the rapper revealed in an interview with Delay which aired on Sunday, September 23.

Asked how he was able to get back on track, Pappy Kojo said “I just realised it’s something everyone goes through. I don’t think it’s healthy. People expect you to be great and there are no structures to make it happen”.

He revealed that he no longer smokes.

Pappy Kojo has songs like Realer No, Aye Late, Awo'a, Van Damme among others. He also featured on Guilty Beatz's big hit, Akwaaba, which has become a sort of anthem for Ghanaians.

Watch the full interview here;