Social media leading people astray-Captain Planet

By: Delali Sika
Captain Planet social media leading people astray
Captain Planet

IN recent times, more people are decrying the ills of social media; from a means to reconnect with old friends, share memories through photos and market one's business, now the various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp among others are being used in a way deemed unacceptable.

Some are using social media to promote nudity and soliciting, others are using it to defame and destroy reputations while sexual predators are luring youngsters.

Hiplife artiste, Captain Planet, who is the leader of the group 4x4, social media has led a lot of people astray.

In an interview with Showbiz at Coco Vanilla Lounge Bar at Adjiringanor, Accra last Thursday, Captain Planet said it is very worrying the way people use social media.
“I see a lot of things on social media and I ask myself what time we got here. How did we get here because of late, it is very disturbing.

"Many now think that is the way for them, it is like if you do not partake in anything scandalous you are not human and that is wrong.

“I ask myself what use it will be to build a brand for yourself for years then use just one day to tarnish it. So there is no way I will engage in anything that will tarnish my image on social media.”

When asked what can be done to curb the situation, Captain Planet said, “if people do not mind those who do these things, I am sure they will not do it again.

"But then again I partly blame the media too, see if someone should release a naked picture or do anything silly, that person trends for that day and it is because people will share it.”

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Captain planet who is currently promoting his new single, Monkey Dey Work Baboon Dey Chop, said it doing well.

"It is doing well, you know I am an artiste and so everything I come out with, I try to make sure people can relate to it,” he said.

He also refuted claims that Monkey Dey Work Baboon Dey Chop was born out of personal experience. “No I have nothing to do with it, I mean you hear stories from people and all that so as an artiste, I have to put that into use and entertain people so that's basically it.”