Singer Ssue brings party song, 'Commotion

By: Kouame Koulibaly
Singer Ssue
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A couple of months after the Accra city tour that unleashed her onto the popular music scene here, singer Ssue is out with a captivating, midtempo party song she calls Commotion.

Written by her, the song in English attempts to capture her personality as a stylish, sensual, performer bearing a mix of approaches to entertain discerning music lovers.

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She handles the tempo changes well and portrays herself as a serious singer out to grab the attention she deserves.

Commotion is just one of the songs she plans to perform at an upcoming concert. She has been steadily building up her repertoire to show her fans her rate of progress.

She’s done a piece with Pat Thomas called Bo Me Nkomo De and the two gel pretty well on the track.

At her shows, she combines the best of composition and improvisation, allowing them to meet on equal ground.

She has migrated that trait into the recording studio, thus illustrating an uncanny ability to do some catchy on-the-spot things while flirting to an already-prepared game plan.

Her Business Manager, Paa Kwesi Holdbrook-Smith, said they were still in the studio trying to finish some material for the early December concert. He was optimistic Ssue would easily increase her fan base after that show.

“We are serious about what we are doing. We are working on material that sets out her uniqueness.

“ Even when she does the occasional interpretation of a Ghanaian or foreign classic, she brings them to life with her own stamp,” the Business Manager pointed out.

According to Ssue, all she was doing were in preparation for gigs across Africa but she wanted home fans to see the stuff she was made of before venturing out.