Showbiz can’t pay my bills - Mimi Andani

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah and Blessing Opoku
Mimi Andani
Mimi Andani
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WHILE showbiz personalities such as Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale boast of making great fortunes through music, the same industry doesn’t seem to be financially rewarding enough to keep some some players in it.

That is the story of a former Ghana representative at Big Brother Africa, Mimi Andani, who abandoned her promising music career in 2009 despite making great strides with her maiden song Leave Me Alone.

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Despite the attention she must have enjoyed at the time and the numerous nominations, including winning the Best Female Artiste at Joy FM’s Night with the Stars in 2010, Mimi said she left the music industry because she realised that wouldn’t satisfy her demand for success and wealth.

The CEO of NMJ, organisers of the annual Golden Movie Academy Awards, disclosed this in a discussion with Graphic Showbiz on the state of affairs of Ghana’s entertainment industry at her office at Adenta recently.

“Most of our artistes in the industry are in it because of the passion they have for what they are doing but I don’t want to rely on my passion and stay poor for the rest of my life.

“When I joined the music scene and watched happenings in the industry, I knew I had to back out because my future expectations were way higher than what it will give me" Mimi added.

Explaining further she said “I don’t mean to be rude but sincerely, showbiz can’t feed me and can’t help me accomplish my dreams considering my huge ambitions. No way, it will just limit me and that is not Mimi.

"I have a lot in me that I can explore to take me where I want to reach in life and obviously, showbiz isn’t part,” Mimi said.

The trained biochemist who still regards herself as a musician said her comments weren’t to disrespect her colleagues in the industry who were struggling to make headway despite the towering challenges but it was a good chance to express her admiration for them since most were still in show business out of passion.

“Sincerely, I doff my hat out to all artistes because most of them are following their passion. I can’t follow my passion and be hungry. No way, that is not me at all.

"Yes, passion makes you successful in something you really want to do because you are zealous about it and I think that is a great thing.

“However, if the industry is nothing to write home about, not even your passion can help you. I can’t be throwing my money and my strength out there in an industry that does not protect me and that is why I will not rely on that and be poor.

“My passion is fire and even the richest entertainer is not even close to where I want to be. I can understand that some people are satisfied with the celebrity status they enjoy and the attention that comes with it but after that what? You go home and be hungry?” she questioned.

Now an entrepreneur and managing NMJ, an advertising company with her husband Nana Michaels, Mimi told Graphic Showbiz that even though she had no intention of doing music commercially, she intended to record an appreciation song for her husband soon.