Shade preaches love with new single titled Saa

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Shade new single Saa
Shade's new single Saa drops tomorrow
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MUSIC has proven to be a great tool for social change, making musicians some of the most powerful change agents one can find if they play their role well.

Afropop musician, Shade, certainly wants to play a good role by using his music to promote peace and love. And his new single, Saa, is set to make his vision come to life.

Saa will be released tomorrow, January 25, and Shade told Showbiz that the song is meant to encourage us to love each other and also treat our loved ones with dignity, respect and compassion.

“Every sphere of our human lives can be expressed through music and I intend to focus on the everyday stories with my songs. For instance, relationships are becoming more challenging these days and divorce is on the increase, I want to address that with my song and tell people  to let love reign,” he said.

Saa is a mid-tempo Afropop track infused with some Highlife rhythms and Shade sings in English, Ga and Twi. On the track, Shade tells his woman how he has been waiting for someone like her to make him happy and how blessed he is that she is in his life.

He talks about how she is always the first to say sorry even when she is the one who has been wronged and that among other reasons is why Shade says he can’t live without her. He also tells her to pamper him and make him feel good.

In indicating that his partner is the one who apologises first no matter who is wrong, Shade is subtly telling couples to eschew pride and reconcile whenever there is any misunderstanding.

With an experienced hand like Kaywa on the beats, you get nothing but a great sound and Shade’s soothing voice adds up to give Saa a nice flavour, although he could up his game some more.
Shade, real name Amos Nii Yartey, has been on the scene for about two years now and although his previous attempts did not do well, he is optimistic about his chances this time round with his new label, Altmost Entertainment.

For him, the trick is to do timeless songs and not the ones that enjoy airtime for a short time and fade away. “I don’t just want to follow the crowd and do songs that die out in a few weeks. I want to do songs that can stand the test of time. I am a versatile artiste who does not like to be confined,” he said.

Shade said he has a lot of material which he will be releasing this year. “Music lovers and my fans should look out for hit songs from me, I will not disappoint them.”

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