Rejoinder: Sallahfest 2019:Great perfromances, poor organisation

By: Graphic Showbiz
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A news story carried by Graphic Showbiz on Thursday, June 2019 stated that the 2019 Sallahfest Concert organised by EXP Ghana in partnership with the music group VVIP and Chapter O had poor organisation.

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We wish to state that the headline of the said story, and some details given within same, are far from the actual situation, and is therefore very misleading to readers.

The issues outlined in the story, which contribute to poor organization in the writer’s opinion include:

1. Security being very poor with the huge crowd overpowering the police personnel who tried to prevent them from jumping over the barricade mounted between them and the stage.

2. A number of fights breaking out among the audience members which distracted the artistes on stage.

3. The late start of the event which affected the running time of the show as even at midnight, there were still a host of underground artistes still waiting to perform while almost all the A-List acts were seated and ready to perform.

4. When Hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese, was called to perform, he had to wait for more than 30 minutes because the underground artistes were on stage doing their own thing.

We take a serious view to your reportage of these incidents and wish to clarify as follows:

First of all, as is normal with any crowd, there was some jostling among audience members in a bid to get past the erected barricades to get closer to the stage.

This was immediately and effectively quelled by members of our crew, without even having to involve the police who were at post and alert, and keeping a close eye on activities.

We wish to state that jostling for space does not constitute a fight, as reported by your reporter.

Secondly, the Sallahfest street concert exists to provide a platform for underground artistes to showcase their talent.

In most cases, these undiscovered talents turn up on event day, hoping for a chance; and the Sallahfest team is committed to giving them that much-longed-for chance.

As such, having ‘a host of underground artistes’ waiting to perform at midnight is not a consequence of a late start of the event.

The Sallahfest Street Concert has always creatively blended performances by both big-name artistes as well as undiscovered/underground artistes.

It is interesting to note that your reportage failed to mention the several big-name artistes who were not on the bill but who turned up to support VVIP, to the delight of their fans.

Finally, Kwaw Kese was seated in the artiste waiting area from the time of his arrival until he was ushered backstage to get ready for his performance.

His wait backstage for the preceding act to finish his performance was certainly not thirty minutes as reported by your story.

Mr. Kofi Duah, your reporter, could have engaged event organizers for a better understanding of happenings and event details.

We trust that you will, in fairness to organizers, give this rejoinder the same prominence and space accorded your story on the said date.


Team Sallahfest 2019
EXP Ghana.