Rapper Ko-Jo Cue drops video of Dzo

By: Delali Sika

HIPHOP artiste  Ko-jo Cue has dropped a music video to accompany his latest song, Dzo just a few weeks after its official release.

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Directed by Esianyo Kumodzi, the video is set in the studio with Ko-Jo Cue and Hiplife artiste Worlasi taking turns to rap about being in unhealthy relationships contrary to what one would have expected as Dzo is a loved themed song.

Explaining to Graphic Showbiz, Ko-Jo Cue said the video is devoid of love scenes because the intention was to draw attention to the song’s message.

“Many concepts came to mind including featuring beautiful ladies as has become the norm but then again, the team thought of how the pertinent issues being addressed in romantic relationships will not be overshadowed by such scenes. That was how we arrived at this setting which is quite different,” he stated.

Dzo encourages people to appreciate themselves when in a relationship and not force to be with partners who kill their dignity and pride.

“Bad relationships and hostile situations take everything away from your happiness, dignity and self-respect. If the union is not working and draining you emotionally, you have every right to walk out to protect your sanity,”Ko-Jo Cue continued.

Born Linford Kennedy Amankwaa, Ko-Jo Cue is a Hip-Hop/Afro-Pop artiste presently signed to BBnZ Live.

In 2014, he dropped his mixtape, The Shining and has since held his own with songs like Now and the Here-After Nigga (N.A.T.H.A.N), Now Or Never Again (N.O.N.A), Now and Forever, The Wait, Before We Shine and Before We Shine 2.

He described his working relationship with Worlasi as amazing and said he was looking forward to more collaborations with him adding, “he co-operated well with us and was amazing with his professional ethics”.