Produce your own songs if you want to succeed - Article Wan

By: Blessing Opoku and Mckiah Naadu Laryea
Article Wan urges musicians to produce their own songs
Article Wan
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WHEN he finally decided to go into music five years ago, Afropop musician Article Wan almost gave up because of complaints from some of the artistes he looked up to about how tough the industry was.

After studying the music scene for a while, he produced his first song, Solo on his own in 2016. The song became an instant hit, shooting him into the limelight.

Having used that strategy successfully, Article Wan is convinced that artistes producing their own songs will guarantee their breakthrough.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz recently, Article Wan said the nature of the music industry had hindered the progress of many musicians and they could free themselves when they produced their own songs.

“Even though production is one of the most difficult things to learn as an artiste, it helps to grow a brand. This is because artistes write many songs waiting for investors to support them and if there’s none, they give up since production is expensive.

“However, if you have the means to produce as I did, it is always advisable to handle your music to reduce cost. Being a producer and a musician goes hand in hand because I produced my first single which was very popular.

“I can’t imagine where my career would be without been a producer. Most musicians are struggling to make it and are one hit wonders because of failure to produce their own songs.

"I produce all my songs and I will say being a producer has brought me this far and it is time artistes learn about music production because that is the gateway to having a successful career,” he said.

Known for other songs such as That Thing, Halleluyah, Medofo, Yen Papi, Elavanyo and Chop Chop, Article Wan is the Chief Executive Officer of Africa International Music, a music group that signs and gives up and coming artistes the chance to showcase their talent.
At the moment, Article Wan, who is contending for the Best Collaboration at the upcoming Ghana Music Awards UK is promoting his new single Raah, which cautions people to pay attention to their health.

“Our health is very important and the rate at which people, especially the youth, are dying from diseases which are preventable is of grave concern and needs to be addressed. As an artiste, I feel this is the best way to give back to the society.

“I sing about the things to be done to live a healthy life like exercising and going for regular medical checkups. The song basically tackles every aspect of our well-being, I just want everyone to appreciate the essence of good health,” he said.

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