Patapaa disses Kuami Eugene on new song

By: Delali Sika
Kuami Eugene diss track by Patapaa
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Although he has accepted Kuami Eugene's apology for calling his songs 'noisy', it seems Patapaa is still not too appeased and has released a track dissing the Angela hitmaker.

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The track, titled 'Otetafo' which literally translates as someone who frequently flatulates, was released on social media today. On the song, Patapaa now known as Patapeezy advises Kuami Eugene to show respect or he will fade out.

Patapeezy also tells him to make humility the hallmark of his journey in the music industry because that is what has brought him (Patapeezy) this far, adding that whether Kuami Eugene likes it or not, Pa2pa soldiers have taken over.

'Otetafo' also advises the singer to change his style as Ghanaians are tired of his current one.

Listen to 'Otetafo' here:

Kuami Eugene said in an interview on GHOne TV that even though Patapaa has become the toast of most music lovers, he was not ready to do a song with him.

He said Patapaa has a noisy style, a reason why he would not like to be on the same song with the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker.

“Patapaa said he needs me on a song, he’s calling me for a feature and said I no, because I’m not ready,” he said on Rhythmzlive.

When asked if the collaboration with Patapaa could possibly happen in the future, without hesitation, he answered in the negative.

“People shouldn’t wait. It’s never going to happen, Patapaa’s kind of songs are not me, he makes too much noise”.

But some fans of Patapaa poured out their anger on him and he was compelled to come and apologise to him. 

Meanwhile, Kuami Eugene is currently out with a new song titled "Wish Me Well,”. Currently Number One on Trending on YouTube, "Wish Me Well" is produced by Lynx Entertainment.

Watch "Wish Me Well" here:

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