Keche says only death can separate them

By: Kofi Duah
Keche will stick together till death

WHILE some music groups are splitting up for various reasons, one group that is determined to stick together no matter what is Keche who say only death can separate them.

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The Hiplife group, made up of Joshua Ampah (Keche Josh) and Andrew Cudjoe (Keche Andrew), has been around for about 10 years and the young men tell Showbiz that no matter the circumstances they find themselves in, they can’t go their separate ways as they have survived the worst.

“Everything that has caused groups to break up has happened to us. Friends, money, women etc. we’ve been through it all and the group is still going strong.

“As it stands now, it is only death that can separate us and we pray that doesn’t happen anytime soon,” Keche told Showbiz.

Keche said they are heartbroken when they hear music groups splitting because it’s hard to build a brand over a long period only for it to fall apart.

On what is keeping them together the duo said the first thing is giving maximum respect to the brand Keche anytime it calls depending on their differences.

“What most Ghanaians don’t know is that Keche have been friends for 15 years and within that we’ve had 10 years of doing music professionally. We see the brand as a company because it is the name that puts food on our table,” the Sokode hitmakers said.

Known for songs like Aluguntugui, Sokode, Pressure, Slow Motion, Diabetes among others, Keche told Showbiz if music groups could take cues from them they will never split.

Last week, the group dropped a new single titled, They Say after taking some time away from the music scene. The song addresses the lies that ladies believe about their partners.

Andrew and Joshua also hinted that they will be releasing an album by end of the year.

“At the moment, we’ve had the likes of Sarkodie, Edem, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy and others from Ghana on on the album.

“There are other musician others from Liberia, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast etc. Our focus is to be known on the African continent. So this album will set the ball rolling for us,” they said.