Okyeame Kwame launches streaming service, Lalafio on May 13

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Okyeame Kwame on Lalafio
Okyeame Kwame develops streaming portal, Lalafio
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THE coronavirus pandemic and the disruption it has caused in the entertainment industry has highlighted the need for players to find new ways of reaching audiences.

In Ghana, a ban on public gatherings, on which many entertainers thrive and make money has been extended for another two weeks, and this has brought home to bear the fact that entertainers need to find alternative means of survival.

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For rapper Okyeame Kwame, the coronavirus, lockdown and lack of activity have provided inspiration which has has led to him developing a streaming portal he calls Lalafio to support entertainers.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Okyeame Kwame said the lockdown gave him a lot of time to think of a sustainable means of revenue.

“All of this got me thinking about what I can do to change the life of the entertainer. In my view, the coronavirus will change a lot of things and it might take up to two years before people would be willing to or be comfortable with public gatherings.

“If that happens, how can we make money? How sustainable can that be? And that is what led to me developing Lalafio for creative people to stream their work,” he said.

Lalafio is expected to be launched soon and Okyeame Kwame explained how it would work.

“It will be a portal where people can stream music, comedy or any other creative performances for people to watch at a fee.

"The artists can do activations and stream and those who watch will pay. I’m still working on a few things and when it’s done, I will launch it soon.”

Against the backdrop of Okyeame Kwame being one of the most charitable musicians in the country, Lalafio will also have a humanitarian side.

“We will also use the Lalafio platform to solicit for funds and every week, we will go and support those in need or we will donate something into the COVID-19 fund by government,” he said.