Okyeame Kwame appointed reading ambassador

By: Graphic Showbiz
Okyeame Kwame reading ambassador
Okyeame Kwame interacting with Corey Huntington
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HIPLIFE musician, Okyeame Kwame’s love for social responsiblity is well known; he is involved in a campaign to eliminate Hepatitis B from Ghana, he is an ambassador on climate change among others so it is not surprising that he has been given a new responsibility.

This time he has been appointed a reading ambassador by the Canadian government through the Canadian Organisation for Development Through Education (CODE), an NGO in partnership with the Ghana Book Trust.

The intent is that Okyeame Kwame will use his influence to drive a new campaign called “Read With Me” to get more children to develop an interest in reading.

The campaign has become necessary because research has shown that when patents read with their children  their interest in reading is activated more than when the parents let them read on their own.

The Director of the Ghana Book Trust, Mrs Genevieve Eba-Polley explained that they selected Okyeame Kwame was chosen because of his exemplary life as a father and as a human being in general as well as his impeccable branding.

In his acceptance speech, Okyeame Kwame disclosed a surprising fact that it was difficult for him to read even at age 10. According to him, this was because his parents didn’t read with him so he lacked interest.

He said he therefore recognised how important the “Read With Me” campaign is and promised to use his influence to push the cause.

The Canadian government was represented by Corey Huntington at the event.

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Okyeame Kwame’s appointment comes ahead of the release of a new single with his children, Sir Bota and Sante. They already have a single, Saucing.

The Rap Dacta is also preparing to release songs off his pure Highlife album, Made In Ghana.