Music legend Nile Rodgers had sex with triplets

Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers
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When asked what the most rock'n'roll thing he'd ever done was, the Chic musician said: ''Sex with triplets. I don't even know how it happened. They were drop-dead gorgeous too.

''I woke up the next day and thought, 'Wow, how did I pull that off?' Blimey, that is rock 'n' roll ... I was just high. I mean, what are the odds?''

And the 'Le Freak' hitmaker wishes he'd taken a snapshot of the evening, because people don't believe him when he tells the story.

He added: ''I don't know their names, how they got there - God, it would be a cool photo, I wish I'd taken one.

''If only I had a camera phone then I could have been like, 'Stay there a minute!' So people would know it wasn't fake.''

Nile does have one more witness that can verify the tale though, as he says his girlfriend at the time walked in on the group the following morning.

Speaking to Notebook magazine, Nile said: ''Oh, it happened, because my girlfriend found me the next morning and made sure I knew it happened.''

Nile's triplet romp story comes after he revealed earlier this year that he ''died eight times in one night'' while partying with Robert Downey Jr back in 1984.

He said: ''I died eight times in one night and they brought me back. Eight times my heart stopped.

''I was hanging out with Robert Downey Jr ... It was coke and alcohol. I was fine, but then I passed out. Typical rock'n'roll death ... you choke on your own vomit.''