New Orleans band reject Aguilera's offer to jam

By: bbc
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was knocked back after offering her vocal services to a band in a New Orleans bar.

Footage has emerged from last week of the singer being given a big fat no after asking Cafe Negril house band, Claude Bryant and the All Star, if she could sing with them - ahead of her Liberation tour gig at the city's Saenger Theater.

Watch below as Christina Aguilera is heard saying to Bryant: “You don’t want that?

"Oh, it’s OK. I don’t have to sing.”


Aguilera regaled her fans with the tale of rejection at her gig the following evening, as fan-shot footage shows.

“I go to this little bar and there’s this live band playing," she said, "and I was with a couple of my dancers and I was just like, ‘Let me just get up on stage and jam with this guy. Maybe I’ll sing a song or whatever and be fun', Aguilera said.

According to The NME, Bryant later told local station WGNO that he didn't recognise the singer, who - to be fair - was dressed down in a baseball cap and Adidas T-Shirt/trackie bottoms.

Quote Message: I’m sorry, Christina. I just didn’t recognise you! I didn’t recognise her because she had a cap over her head and over her eyes. She was in a jersey. She didn’t introduce herself to me.