Negativity in music industry motivates me – Shade

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Shade motivated by negativity in music industry

THE hostile nature of the music industry has pushed many talented artistes out because they just could not deal with the rejection, but not Afropop musician, Shade.

The young man, who ventured into music about two years ago, tells Showbiz that negativity motivates him and that is why he is determined to stay in the industry despite the challenges.

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Recounting some of his experiences, Shade gave credence to the claims that it’s a tough world out there.

“Sometimes you get invited to perform at shows and you have to struggle to just make it onto the stage. Can you imagine, a show you have been billed to perform at and you need to fight your way up to deliver.

“Sometimes the event organiser does not even bother with how you’re going to get to the venue and you have to finance yourself to get there. These are some of the challenges but adversity motivates me so I just push on knowing I will breakthrough one day,” he said.

Two years ago when he came on the scene, he went by the name Saved and released some material which just didn’t fly. Now, with a new label, Altmost Entertainment, he has rebranded to Shade and says he is ready for the spotlight.

On why he chose the unusual name, Shade, known in real life as Amos Nii Yartey, said he wants people to see his brand as a comforting one.

“When the sun is scorching, where do you go to find relief? You find somewhere that has shade and that is what I want to be in the industry. I want people to find love, warmth, compassion and comfort in my music,” he told Showbiz.

His background has a lot to do with why he wants to portray a wholesome brand; he grew up in a mission house and he wants to do his bit to project a clean image for the industry.

Shade knows and acknowledges that he will not have it easy trying to break through but he has a strategy and that is in the kind of songs that he wants to do.

“I don’t just want to follow the crowd and so songs that fade in a few weeks, I will be coming out with timeless songs; songs that can stand the test of time. I am a versatile artiste, who does not like to be confined and that for me is also an advantage,” he said.

With his sound engineering skills and his own recording studio, the journey may be just a little easier for him as well since he doesn’t have to go through the hassle others will go through.

Shade is planning to release a new single titled Saa at the end of this month and he is positive that it will help launch his career proper. “This is my year, I have already broken through in my opinion and I am determined to take Ghanaian music to the world,” he stated.