Naija’s ‘snub’ of GH acts scares Kurl Songx

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Kurl Songx
Kurl Songx

FOR many young Ghanaian artistes, their dream is to make it big outside the shores of Ghana with our neighbours Nigeria high on the list because of its huge market but it appears Jennifer Lomotey hitmaker, Kurl Songx, may not be venturing there anytime soon.

Making a confession to Showbiz in a phone interview last Sunday, the Trumpet singer said the poor reception of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy and other artistes from Zylofon at a concert held to officially launch Zylofon Media and Menzgold operations in Nigeria last month, has put fear in him.

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“I wasn’t present at the event but I watched the videos online and was very sad at what I saw. I can’t imagine that our big artistes like Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale who I admire and adore couldn’t get good reception.

“The poor response for these artistes puts a lot of fear in me because if they can’t even get a sound applause from a Nigerian audience, how can young ones like me who look up to them be encouraged to enter that market? “ he asked.

Despite the “spirit of fear” which has possessed the Highly Spiritual artiste, Kurl Songx however said he is also encouraged to work harder to change the narrative in coming years.

For him, Sarkodie’s exploits in Nigeria is good motivation for other Ghanaian artistes to master their craft to enjoy good reception outside Ghana.

“I can’t say I have completely lost hope, that isn’t it at all. Besides, the likes of VIP and in recent years, Sarkodie are making good strides in Nigeria.

"The question is, what are they doing right to be getting all the applause while others struggle for recognition?", Kurl Songx asked.

“Maybe we have to do our homework well and find out how a number of our Nigerian colleagues are making hits here and yet, we keep struggling to be recognised there,” he said.

The latest episode has revived the discussion on giving Ghanaian music more airplay than songs from other countries.

For such advocates, the prominence Nigeria music gets on Ghanaian airwaves has been a detriment to the growth of Ghanaian music.

In a recent interview with Accra based Hitz FM on Monday, Sarkodie, said the campaign for more airplay for Ghanaian songs was unnecessary.

He stated that Nigerians have a system that is controlled so the industry may know an artiste but it is not easy for the people to know the same artiste. Interestingly, Sarkodie’s assertions are supported by Kurl Songx.

“I appreciate the fact that Ghanaian music must be given prominence on our airwaves but I think our problems go beyond that.

"What we need to do is to work harder, put a lot in our craft to be very attractive to audiences and learn what artistes who are loved outside their home countries are doing right. That should be a focus and not division calls at this time,” Kurl Songx added.