Jewel show to ring in the New Year

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Jewel show to ring in 2020 and raise funds for charity
Ben Brako will be perfoming at Jewel

THIS year's holiday season has been an amazing one for the country with the Year of Return initiative bringing in more visitors, particularly personalities from all over the world.

The fun and excitement are set to continue into the New Year with quite a number of events and one of them is called Jewel, which will come off at the Gold Coast Hub, Cantonments in Accra on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

Jewel, being held on the theme: "Our culture is our crown," is being described as a night of pure luxury, rich in culture and the best entertainment that Ghana has to offer.

Hosted by Adinkra Magazine, an award-winning publication in the UK, which seeks to preserve and raise awareness about Africa's rich and diverse oral history, folklore and poetry, will celebrate Ghanaian culture, especially where the Year of Return is concerned.

It will be a night of great music with artistes such as veteran Highlife artiste, Ben Brako; American singer/rapper Bayku and Afrobeats artiste and producer, Silvastone from the UK expected to thrill patrons.

Female disc jockeys, DJ Nancy (UK) and DJ Akuaa from the USA as well as DJ Max will do magic behind the turntables.

In an interview, Ben Brako said he was happy to be part of the event because he was very passionate about our culture and the need to embrace it in our personal and national lives.

"This function gives all stakeholders a platform to disseminate and display the richness and beauty of our culture.

"I personally consider it a fantastic event of epochal proportions and would use it to the max to reach out to the audience to help create an attitudinal change," he stated.   

Jewel will also be used to raise funds through ticket sales for two charities; Future of Africa, a child protection, inclusive education, vocational training, and youth engagement organisation in Ghana and Poetry Prescribed in the UK, which uses spoken word and poetry to promote good mental health and wellbeing.

The event will be filmed as part of a documentary being shot in collaboration with some people from one of the national broadcasting televisions in the UK which will be aired next year.

Jewel will be emceed by consultant/media personality in the UK, Viennty.

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