I wish I’d released Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya now – T Blaze

By: Kofi Duah
T Blaze Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya
T Blaze
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IN the year 2000, when Hiplife had taken off in Ghana, one of the songs that ruled the airwaves was the track, Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya by T Blaze and the Lifeline Family.

The beat and content, which ridiculed sugar daddies, drew music lovers who jammed to it anywhere it was played.

Although it was a massive hit, the composer, T Blaze, says he would love it if the song had been released in these times.

“How I wish Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya was released now so that I get to play at many shows and get all the money like these young ones are doing,” he told Showbiz recently.

According to T Blaze, real name Richmond Opoku Ampratwum, the kind of magic Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya did in 2000 would be magnified if it was released now.

“I can imagine how much money I would have made during the Christmas festivities and the private parties I would have played at with Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya,” he said.

T Blaze revealed that although Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya was a massive hit he didn’t make enough money.

“It was cassette back then. But today we have all the online platforms where a musician can make huge sums of money by selling their music. With Wo Sisi Ye Wo Ya I would have just made a lot of money,” he said.

Known for other songs like Feeling No Ye Deep and Secretary, T Blaze who now wants to be called Flema T believes he is still the best ‘Twienglish' rapper.

“When it comes to a Ghanaian rapper who raps in Twi and English I believe I still stand tall. I don’t want to sound like I am blowing my own horn but I am still the best ‘Twienglish’ rapper,” he said.

T Blaze just released his latest single Fake Slay Queen recorded by A.B.E and he is hopeful of breaking through with it.

On the song, he addresses ladies who live fake lifestyles to please men to put a stop to it. A graduate of College of North East London, T Blaze said he has a lot to offer Ghanaians this year.

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