I don’t feel safe in London—Agbeshie begs govt to save him

By: Antoanette Sedinam Akoto-Tenu
Agbeshie asks to be evacuated from the UK
Hiplife artiste Agbeshie
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OVERWHELMED by the death toll and high infection rates of COVID-19, Hiplife artiste Agbeshie is appealing to the government to get him and other Ghanaian nationals in the United Kingdom (UK) back to the country.

According to the Dem Lost artiste who is presently stuck in the UK after attending Ghana Hall Party in London on March 7,2020 and had stayed to promote his latest piece, Seke, he is frightened and doesn’t feel safe in London.

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Agbeshie said it was insensitive for the government of Ghana to desert its citizens stranded in Covid-19 prone countries when nations such as the US had evacuated their people home from other countries.

“Americans sent commercial airlines to Ghana for their people who wanted to return and I know a couple of countries have done same.

“Considering that the Ghanaian government has closed all its borders and ceased all airline operations, it would have been in the best interest of all to make arrangements for us to be back home.

“As I speak, I don’t know when this ban or directive will be lifted in Ghana for me to come home and it is really depressing.

"I had made all arrangements to return home only for me to be told that I can’t come because of the President’s directives.

"It has been more than two weeks and I don’t even know my fate here with the frightening reports on the daily death tolls in the UK,” he said.

Agbeshie’s position has probably affirmed rapper Pappy Kojo’s earlier pleas to the government to get him out of Italy in the heat of the scourging virus in March.

However, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Barbara Oteng-Gyasi, in an interview said his request could not be granted since the country had closed its borders and airline operations.

As of yesterday, Wednesday, April 15, the UK had recorded 12,107 deaths with 93,873 infections and even though the death rate is reported to be dropping in Europe, Agbeshie says it will take a longer time for things to get back to normal.

“It wasn’t our plan to stay here for this long but circumstances have compelled us to. I have plans and projects I would have been working on by now but I’m stuck in London so I can’t do them. We are fine here but it would have been best if we were in Ghana now,” Agbeshie said.

Moving away from Covid-19 and its attendant issues, the former One Phame Entertainment signee also disclosed that he is not signed to any record label because those that have approached him couldn’t meet his requirements.

“Many people have approached me but they didn’t meet my requirements. I am just keeping it low now and at the right time, I know I will get a management to push my interests.

“Right now, we must all appreciate life since we are fighting a common enemy in Coronavirus,” Agbeshie noted.