All good with Tiffany and KillBeatz – Fuse ODG

By: Delali Sika
Fuse ODG Killbeatz Tiffany are good
Fuse ODG
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AS one of the people who have contributed to his success story, it was disturbing when news broke last year that Afrobeats artiste, Fuse ODG, and sound engineer/producer, KillBeatz, were no longer on good terms.

According to the reports, Fuse ODG sacked Killbeatz, who produced songs like Antenna from his mansion at East Legon for behaviours he didn't condone as well not producing songs for him but for other artistes.

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Many wondered if they would ever get back together especially when Fuse did a number of songs that were not produced by Killbeatz last year.

Well, fans and followers of these two can set their minds at ease as according to him, they have patched up and are on good terms.

“KillBeatz and I are like brothers, we are ok now, we're good. It's life, it had to happen but the most important thing is that everything is behind us.

"We have settled and currently got something we are working on. I respect him, he is a brother to me, I mean we are family," Fuse ODG told Showbiz in an interview at his East Legon residence on Thursday.


On not working with Killbeatz on his recent songs, Fuse ODG explained that it had nothing to do with their misunderstanding.

“Oh no, I like to work with different people and have variety on my albums so it is not like I still have issues with him, no," he said.

He wouldn't go into the details of what exactly happened but answered when asked that “What happened is not something I want to talk about or let people know. It was something private that was not supposed to come out in the first place but it did and we dealt with it privately."

Rapper, Tiffany, was on Fuse ODG's label when a scandal involving her and her ex broke. It made headlines and later Tiffany expressed disappointment in the Million Pound Girl artiste, for not standing by her through her troubles.

However, Fuse told Showbiz that he and Tiffany were also good and there was no bad blood between them. “Tiffany at a point wanted a break, I know in life, we all at a point need a break if not we will die so yes she needed it and that was it. She was a part of the team; she is a part of the team and would always be a part of the team.


“Currently, she is focusing on herself and all and trust me she is very very happy, I have never seen Tiffany happy like I am seeing her now and it is a good thing," he said.