Highlife musician Opabene KB drops 'Otoosi'

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Opabene KB
Opabene KB

SINCE he joined the Highlife scene about a decade ago, Opabene KB has found a way of infusing humour into his music, making him stand out.

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Even though he touches on very important issues such as marriage, broken homes and its consequences, he approaches them with an entertaining twist and his style earned him some attention when he released Kofi Gyae last year and followed up with Aware Asem earlier this year.

To stay relevant, he is out with a new song named, Otoosi. The Highlife piece, which features Wabby, shames boastful men and advices them to be mindful of their ways.

Otoosi is a story about a man who brags about his sexual prowess to the women he pursues.

Tired of his constant boasts, one of the women gives into his demands but the man is a ‘no show’ in bed when the time comes and he was nicknamed Otoosi for his failure.

The song was programmed by sound engineers, Misty and Palupa with the final mixing done from Palupa.

Otoosi falls in line with Opabene KB’s but he probably needs to be more professional on subsequent songs if he wants to be more competitive in the mainstream.

When Showbiz pointed this out to him, he disagreed and defended his style saying it satisfied his target audience.

“Every artiste’s music satisfies some people and I appreciate that my music may not be well received as I expected but the truth is that, they are very popular in rural areas.

“The people love and appreciate my style because they identify with it. For instance, I went to play a show in Cape Coast last month and the reception was beyond what I had imagined.

"To my amazement, the people sang and danced to every word of my songs and that has encouraged me to stick to that,” he stated.

“We have to accept diversity in music and not force every artiste to do the same things,” he added.