Gospel music no longer inspiring —Amy Newman

By: Kofi Duah
Amy Newman
Veteran Gospel musician, Amy Newman
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LATELY, some of the veteran Gospel musicians have complained about the kind of songs being churned out and seasoned artiste, Amy Newman, is the latest to wade into the issue.

According to her, Gospel songs nowadays are not inspiring but only entertaining, which is not the best.

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“I sometimes get worried and confused about the kind of songs the new crop of Gospel musicians put out.

"During our time, the likes of Mary Ghansah, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Tagoe Sisters, Stella Seal and Yaw Sarpong did songs that were inspiring.

“The lyrics in the songs should have a positive impact on anyone who listens to it but it’s unfortunate that is not what we hear now,” she told Showbiz recently.

To Amy Newman, the reason why Gospel songs are not impactful anymore is because the new crop of musicians do not wait upon God before releasing their songs.

“I could pray in my room for two or three days for directions before I put out a song. After that two-day prayer, any song I released was always inspiring and made great impact,” she said.

She advised them to draw closer to the veterans so they could learn from them.

“There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from some of us. We are willing to teach these young ones,” she stated.

Although she is not completely against entertaining Gospel songs, Amy Newman wished the musicians could do more inspiring songs.

“Too much entertainment will not take us to heaven but good inspiring songs that draws one closer to God” she revealed.

On her career, Amy Newman disclosed she has a couple of songs ready for release but she needs a manager.

“I have too many great songs and I’m willing to work with any producer who understands me and my music,” she said.

Amy Newman performed at the recently held Women In Worship hosted at the Perez Dome.