GH musicians need to be reoriented—Bessa Simons

Bessa Simons
Veteran musician, Bessa Simons
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Veteran musician and aspiring Musicians Union of Ghana(MUSIGA) president, Bessa Simons has said there is the need to organise workshops to educate musicians on how their conduct plays a critical role in the future of the industry.

According to the celebrated musician who is the current Vice President of the union, there were diverse ways to help grow the showbiz industry and had outlined plans to help trigger the needed growth in the music industry when elected as president of MUSIGA.

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“There are so many things that need to change in the music industry. One way to better the fortunes of the industry is to organise workshops to enlighten our musicians about what music entails especially the business aspect because music is not cheap”, Bessa told GNA.

The Belembe singer said the reorientation had to be taken further to the grassroots, in order to make up and coming musicians understand what it entails being a role model.

“As a musician, young people look up to you as a means of inspiration, so whatever you do has impacts on numerous lives. So, there would be a need to educate them on how their behaviour on stage directly impacts the audience", he said.

Bessa was worried about how artistes don’t take issues of branding very serious in the country as it remained one major stumbling block for corporate bodies to come on board to help thrive their respective careers.

This setback, according to the aspiring MUSIGA President, remains a top priority in his agenda as he looks to engage the business community as well as the artistes in order to address the issues.

The current MUSIGA administration led by Bice Osei Kuffour aka Obour ends when union goes for elections on June 26, 2019.