'Young rappers should thank me' says Future

By: contactmusic.net
American rapper, Future

FUTURE says new rappers should thank him for their success as he has paved the way.

The 34-year-old star has just dropped his latest release 'Beast Mode 2' and wants credit for inspiring a generation of new rappers.

He tweeted: ''Enough of these running round like I ain't make y'all, I been humble way too long.. Your titles and flows came Frm me..stop f**kin playin, Your ad libs MINES.., I gracefully gave u a style to run with like it was your own. Thank me #KINGPLUTO, your clothes,flows and hoes I'm the reason #KINGPLUTO (sic).''

However, Future did not take credit for No Cap but insisted he helped to make it popular.

He tweeted: ''Only thing I ever said in life I didn't come up with is NOCAP and I made the world say it..NO CAP (sic).''

And Young Thug took ownership of the term No Cap but acknowledged his pal Future had played a part in its success.

He tweeted: ''NoCap came from yo brada so.. it actually still came from u (sic).''

'Beast Mode 2' is Future's follow up to the 2015 'Beast Mode' and collaborator Zaytoven recently promised fans that it is special.

He said: ''I think me and Future have something so special with 'Beast Mode' that I think it'd be a good time for it to come out this year.

"We're working with Future's schedule on that. I don't know what his plans are. I think he probably planned to put it out last year but things just switched up and he didn't put it out.''

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