‘Bobolebobo’ means fire says Evangelist Aning

By: citinewsroom.com
Evangelist Isaac K. Aning of ‘Bobolebobo’
Evangelist Isaac K. Aning sang ‘Bobolebobo’
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For those wondering what  Bobolebobo which has become a household word means, the composer of the song, Evangelist Isaac K. Aning, has explained it means fire in Dagbani.

Bobolebobo, a gospel song by Evangelist Aning has gained popularity in Ghana in recent times.

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According to the singer, the term was couched from the Dagbani word ‘bom’ which literally means fire.

In an exclusive interview with citinewsroom.com, he said he had to play with it to sound good so he dropped the ‘m’ and made it repetitive so it would flow with the rhythm.

“Bobolebobo is Dagomba language. ‘Bom’ in Dagbani means ‘fire.’ But I took off the ‘m’ because I realised if I used ‘bom’ for the song, it would not sound good.

"As a musician, I wanted to play with it, that is why you hear a repetition of the ‘bo’ and a ‘le’ somewhere,” he explained.

The Bobolebobo song has become the toast of most music lovers but it gained more attention when it was played at the congress grounds of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) last weekend at the International Trade Fair Centre, La.

However, a version of it which has former President John Mahama's name is what has goaded the evangelist to take action against the NDC.

Apparently, it is a campaign song that has been composed for the former president who has announced his intention to contest for the NDC flagbearership in the 2020 general elections.

Evangelist Aning is unhappy that his song has been sampled without his consent.

“This is my intellectual property so they should have informed me before using it as their campaign song,” he said.

He has therefore given them(NDC) a grace period of two weeks to hear a good response from them or else he would advise himself.

Meanwhile, another artiste from Sunyani, Minister Sie Isaac is also claiming ownership of the song, Bobolebobo.