Kojo Antwi is my idol - eShun

By: Antoanette Sedinam Akoto-Tenu
eShun says she idolises Kojo Antwi
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IF there is any artiste in the world in whose shoes songstress, eShun, would love to walk to be a great musician, then it is legendary Highlife artiste, Kojo Antwi.

As someone who has loved music since she was a child, eShun has keenly followed the Maestro, as Kojo Antwi is widely known, and in a recent chat with Graphic Showbiz, extolled his qualities, describing him as the "real definition of a music man" and a great inspiration.

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“I don’t know but there is just something about him that I cannot put my finger on. He sounds so unique especially with his choice of lyrics and the passion he attaches to his music.

“When you pay attention to him, you connect so much with every word in his songs and I just connect with his music. Sincerely, he is the man of the game and I adore him as my icon,” she stated.

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Moving on from her love for Kojo Antwi, eShun mentioned that a lot of record labels cheat musicians with the contracts they draw up. According to her, since most musicians are not well-informed about contracts, they are always taken advantage of.

She said that had accounted for the high cases of artistes parting ways with their record labels.

“Most musicians do not know much about contracts and the legal conditions that come with it. They just accept and sign anything. In some cases, there is even no contract before official work begins.

“Hence, when there is a misunderstanding or the relationship goes sour, the artiste is mostly at the losing end and left with nothing when there is a break up because there is no legal backing to the union.

“I have been a victim of this because I didn’t know much about the business aspect of showbiz until four months ago when I visited the offices of GHAMRO. That was when I got enlightened about my rights and entitlements as an artiste.

“I think a lot of education has to go on so that musicians will not be taken advantage of again. In most cases, these record and management labels think they are doing us a favour but rather cheat us,” she said.

eShun, whose real name is Ethel Esi Eshun, was adjudged the Female Vocalist of the Year at the just ended Ghana Music Awards UK 2019.

She encouraged Ghanaian artistes to take advantage of the digitisation of music since the days of CDs are almost over.