Efya is a complete artiste – AK Songstress

By: Delali Sika
AK Songstress
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REGGAE and Dancehall artiste AK Songstress has described singer Efya as a complete artiste who knows how to go about her things. This description of the Until The Dawn singer came after AK featured Efya on her latest single, Wonua.

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 According to AK, Efya is a professional by all standards, “I have worked with people on various projects but she is exceptional, her professionalism is just something else. She is a complete artiste, the real deal and very intelligent.

 “Again she is a lively person, very easy to communicate with, there is no dull moment with her. It wasn’t difficult getting her on this song and I appreciate her for that,” AK Songstress told Graphic Showbiz recently.

 She added, “It’s a great feeling having Efya on my song, I have always seen her as my big sister.”

 Giving an insight into Wonua, AK said, “The song talks about the fact that a brother or a sister should not be limited to just biological siblings. Offer help to the needy if you can, that's what the universe demands of us.”

 Wonua which means your brother or sister in Twi will be released on May 8.