Doing Gospel music is challenging - Royal Chris

By: Blessing Opoku
Royal Chris says doing Gospel music challenging
Royal Chris
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GOSPEL musician Christian Owusu widely known as Royal Chris says being a Gospel musician is hard and comes with a lot of challenges.

“Being a Gospel musician is not easy in this country because all the attention is given to secular artistes. It is obvious that people are more concerned about secular musicians and they have large following.

“For instance, it is easier for a secular musician to get a record label and a management team and he or she does not have to bother themselves with professional handling but the situation is different for Gospel artistes.

“It appears you only get help when you are established and people can profit off you but you virtually have no one to support you from scratch and it is burdensome,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

Royal Chris added that “When things go well with you, then from nowhere, a lot of people show interest in you. I have witnessed this on so many occasions.

"We are also musicians and we are doing our best to impact the world with our work and so we deserve the same attention and support as those in the secular sector,” he stated.

Royal Chris was the winner of Vodafone Icons Remix Edition in 2014. He has songs such as Otega, M’anhyia Yesu and the singer will launch his latest album on November 3.

He is currently promoting his new single, Medimafo, mixed and mastered by Genius Selection. The piece reminds people of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian.

“In life, we go through a lot of hardships and most often we feel God has abandoned us. This song encourages people not to give up in life because God is with us and emboldens us to face them,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

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