‘Commotion’ concert promises tasty mash-up

By: Kouame Koulibaly
Fun at Commotion
: A night of complete entertainment is assured at the ‘Commotion’ show

It is being touted as the show to herald the Yuletide package of entertainment events and that is why organisers of the ‘Commotion’ concert slated for December 1 at Alliance Francaise Accra are keen to offer what they term ‘a flamboyant explosion of authenticity, substance, flavour and variety.’

All the necessary ingredients are being thrown in for a tasty mash-up of assorted dances and music as well as fascinating stage effects, all to be climaxed by a performance from singer, Ssue.

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Shades of music to be served include rap delights from Paa Kwesi, Baby G, Mobeatz and Kurrency.

The Atupiga Band will also serve kologo-inspired traditional stuff.

The versatile Ananse Band will be in the house to support Steve Bedi and Nathan Pryce (Contemporary Jazz), Gyedu Blay Ambolley and Pat Thomas (Afrobeat and Highlife) and Della Botri (Neo-Traditional).

The dance component of Commotion will be in the hands of the Africana Dance Ensemble and Kaasah Cultural Troupe with their fire eaters and acrobats, Phreshchick Hip Hop Dance Collective and the stylish Fairies stage busters.

 “Art speaks to people in different ways. So we have a well-planned mixed spectacle meant to make everyone happy from start to finish,” said Ssue’s Business Manager, Paa K. Holdbrook-Smith.

Ssue herself will do some rousing duet pieces with Immanuel Emmanuel and then move on to render some of her freshly-recorded singles at the 7.00pm programme.

She’s high on confidence which she says is a necessary item for anyone keen being the best in her field.

There’s nowhere else she’d rather be on December 1, she says, than on the Commotion stage to help the audience transit cheerfully into the Christmas mood.