Cardi B wants back with husband, Offset

By: tmz

Cardi B wants to return to the way things were ... before her split with hubby Offset.

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The rapper shared a screenshot on Tuesday, January 22,2019 morning of a FaceTime chat with her husband -- who she split with in December -- and their daughter, Kulture. She captioned it ... "I wanna go home."

As you know, Offset's been very public about his desire to reconcile with Cardi, but she hasn't been as forthcoming ... other than announcing how much she misses his penis. It seems she's longing for some family time with him now, though.

Of course, the couple have been together since their split -- including a jet ski-riding vacation in Puerto Rico -- and we broke the story ... they were working on fixing their marriage in 2019, with Offset vowing to change his ways and be faithful and honest with her.

Still, Cardi hadn't given any clear indicators she was fully on board with the plan ... until now.