Cardi B bemoans the cost of her beauty regime

Cardi B
New York-born rapper Cardi B

Speaking from the back of a limo, Cardi explained: ''Let me tell you mother*****s something, it's getting more and more expensive - well, nah for real, it's getting more expensive to maintain us women.

''You know this is not the early 2000s and s**t where you give a b***h $100 to get her mother******g hair done, nails done, her eyebrows done. Whatever.''

Cardi - who is famed for her outspoken nature - then went into more detail about how much she specifically spends on her hair and nails these days.

The New York-born star - whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar - said: ''Let me tell you something ... like, b*****s is not getting the $17 full set with the three pre-nail design mother*****r.

''B****es want the gel set and some hos, like me - you know what I'm saying - want Swarovski crystals. So that about there is about $200 - the end nail. You know what I'm saying.

''And then the hair? We are not in the era where b*****s do the blow outs, you know what I'm saying, or the sew-ins and s**t. Nah, b*****s want the full lace wig. The wig is about $800, $500, it really depend where you get it from.

''This dye about, I say about $300-$200. $300. So, just on that at it's $1,000! So ... what's good?''